About Us

Bruce D. Van Hal | President

Bruce has served his clients since 1977, specializing in retirement planning.

Bruce is a credible advisor who utilizes fresh ideas to reduce financial risk, lower taxes, avoid probate and protect assets from nursing home costs. Because Bruce was in practice through the “bear markets” of 1987, 2001-02 and 2008, he knows the value of protecting assets for retirees.

There are three financial stages in life: Accumulation, Preservation and Distribution. With over 30 years of experience, Bruce recognizes that retirees need to focus on Preservation and Distribution. LifePlan Advisory Services, LLC, and LifePlan Financial Design, Inc. plans to preserve life savings for retirees and provide tax-favored solutions for distribution.

Bruce is father to four grown children: Bryan (and Jen), Michael (and Debbie), Lindsey (and Darrek), and David (and Anna) and is also “Bampa” to little Anna, Emily, Elijah, Hailey, and Julia. Bruce and his wife, Suzie live in Okemos, Michigan and enjoy travel, movies and theater and sports of all kinds but especially baseball.