Asset Management

Regardless if you need to balance your portfolio or create a budget, LifePlan Financial Design considers the full scope of your financial picture when helping to manage your investments to better position you for growth and prepare for retirement.

We’ll look at your current financial situation, discuss how much risk you’re willing and able to take, then explore the areas of your investment strategy that could be improved to line up with your retirement goals.

As seasoned financial advisors of a registered investment advisory firm, we’re equipped to provide advice about securities without having to go to an outside source. We can also help work with you on a budget, a plan to optimize taxes, and a holistic view of your retirement.

Portfolio Fee Analysis

How much do you pay in fees every year? If you’re not sure, we’re here to help! Fees can add up over time, contributing to shrinking your nest egg. It’s important to look not only at the expense ratio but also the tax cost to see how much your performance could be reducing each year.

Our comprehensive fee analysis tools can break down what’s inside your current investments so you can see what you are paying. From there, one of our advisors will walk you through whether the fees make sense for that product and what alternatives may exist.

Asset management in Okemos, Howell, & Grand Rapids MI.

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